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Artistic Director Hai Yan Jackson trained in Ballet and Classical Folk Dance at the Sichuan Dance Academy in Chengdu, China.. Since 1999 she has been teaching and planning choreography over all Bay Area. In 2004 choreography and danced in the “EL AMOR BRUJO”. 2007 to 2009 performed for "Spring Dance Inspiration. In 2010 performed at the 32nd Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. In 2011 to 2014 Hai Yan planned with Stanford University Chinese Dance presentation “Dancing Colors of Spring” at Herbst Theatre S.F, Jewish Community Center and San Francisco State University Mckenna Theatre. In 2012 joined Global Chinese Dance Talent Competition in Shenzhen China. In 2015 joined International Panda Art Festival at S.F. Since 2006 to present Hai Yan has taught Chinese Dance at Stanford University Chinese Dance is an guest teacher, also work an Alonzo King Lines Dance Center in San Francisco. In 2013, in S.F City Hall Hai Yan received a Special Commendation Award for her dedicated services in many community events. She has had numerous guest performances and choreographed throughout China and the Bay Area.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is full of brilliant colors.  The colors are joyful, vigorous and cultural.  The “Dancing Colors of Spring” is to bring these radiant colors through Chinese folk dancing.  The Chinese culture is a vivid array of people and traditions.     
“Dancing Colors of Spring” is a proud collaboration performance by the Chinese Folk Dance Association (CFDA) with Hai Yan Jackson Chinese Dance and the Stanford University Chinese Dance.  Chinese Folk Dance Association of San Francisco is a 52 years veteran dance organization. It is the oldest non-profit Chinese folk dance company outside of China and is delighted to showcase fresh looks and new dances, with Hai Yan Jackson Chinese Dance and the Stanford University Chinese Dancers, to continue the promotion of China’s rich and diverse inner cultures. Please join us in San Francisco to celebrate colors of spring on Sunday, May 1st, 2 pm.  Thank you for your patronage.
 Shannon Yip, Director
Chinese Folk Dance Association of San Francisco
春天唤醒大地, 春天播种希望。在一个又一个春天里, 我们回忆过去、展望未来。共同的目标与梦想好似一条绵长的纽带把我们紧紧地连系在一起, 在今天, 舞蹈就是这条友谊之带上强有力的音符, 我们用舞蹈这样的特殊语汇说出彼此共同的心声。
经过前期的精心准备, "万紫千红总是春 - 舞蹈专场" 在今天终于和大家见面了,我谨代表华人歌舞团、斯坦福中国舞蹈团、海燕中国舞蹈团的全体学生、老师和演职员工, 向关心和支持我们的观众和朋友们表示热忱的欢迎和最衷心的感谢!
万紫千红总是春 - 舞蹈专场" 强强联手, 汇集了走过半个多世纪的华人歌舞团、后起之秀斯坦福大学中国舞蹈团和海燕中国舞蹈团的强大演出阵容, 给大家带来一台包括中国舞、爵士舞和芭蕾舞在内耳目一新的精彩演出。
秉持着弘扬中华文化、团结社区和传递友情的宗旨, 我们身行力践地竭诚为每一位热爱中国文化和舞蹈艺术的爱好者提供空间和机会, 让他们在舞蹈领域中充分地发掘和展示自身的潜力和才华,陶冶他们的艺术气质并提高艺术水平,使其从中学习和了解中华文明的历史与文化, 并将灿烂优美的中国舞蹈艺术继续在海外发扬光大!
海燕中国舞蹈团   www.haiyanjacksonchinesedance.com
Tickets information:    https://tickets.jccsf.org/pub/loader.asp?target=show.asp?shCode=889                         

Friday, March 25, 2011

May 1st Performance

Dear Dancers, Friends and Colleagues:

As a professional dance teacher for  more than 30 years, I’m excited to announce that my dancers and Chinese Folk Dance Association, Stanford Chinese Dance are hosting a collaborate performance on Sunday, May 1st at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California Street, San Francisco.  This will be very exciting event.